Team of NCR Corporation Enjoyed the One Day Picnic in Gurgaon on 20th December

Continuing with its excellent services to incorporate, Jungle Adventure Retreat hosted a spectacular voyage for guests coming from NCR Corporation under their one day picnic in Gurgaon on 2oth December. NCR Corporation is well-known technology & business solution firm provides its services worldwide that has India based corporate office, located in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The team was feeling delighted to reach here at this part of Gurgaon that represents a different form of the entire region with serenity. This venue was finalized by his team leader a few days ago when he had come to see the venue with few other colleagues and said that this place is differently attractive for a day picnic in Gurgaon. They were also very positive regarding services committed by Team-JAR.

Team- JAR had prepared a lavish menu and customized the services as per special request by the client. A special bonfire was arranged in the evening, where all the members enjoyed high-tea with music & dance.

The guests appreciated the professional approach of all the staff of the JAR and thanked for the outstanding hospitality services provided.

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