Make your Day Special with the Jungle Adventure Retreat

You wait for a special day and we look forward to presenting something more vibrant in the form of day picnic special package deal near Delhi in Gurgaon for you for those special days. There is no shortage of festivals in our country and in such a way, everyone wants to celebrate these festivals at a unique venue in different style. Especially the children look forward to our many festivals like Makarsakranti, Republic Day, Valentine's Day (14th Feb), Holi, Janmashtami, Independence Day, Teachers Day, Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October), Childrens Day (14th November), Christmas Party in Delhi near Gurgaon, NCR etc. Everyone wants to celebrate these festivals among their relatives and friends so that the moment will always be memorable. We also look forward to such special days because we also want to join your happy moments and want to be witness to these memorable days that's why we have brought the exclusively designed day picnic special package for festival of colors, Holi in March 2018

Find out the Best Holi Special Package near Delhi in Gurgaon at Jungle Adventure Retreat


 Welcome Drinks with Gujia
 Tea with Sandwich, Poha & Cookies
 Buffet Veg & Non Veg Lunch
 Evening Tea with Assorted Pakora
 Adventure Activities
 Team-Building Games
 Outdoor & Indoor Games
 Ethnic Game
 Complementary Uses of Rain Dance
 Complementary Uses of Light Music
 Playing Holi with Dry Colors
 Complementary Use of Swimming Pool