New Year Begins with Hosting a Cool Day picnic near Delhi for Family & Corporate Groups

The JAR has started to host the picnic events in 2018 by organizing a cool day picnic near Delhi for the different family group along with a knowledge processing outsourcing (KPO) firm, “Penguin International” as a corporate group. A day outing near Delhi into the jungle in the chilling cold took it the enjoyment of these groups to next level with powered adventure activities and the hot plates of delicious food. The sunshine was lacking the plenty of heat; however, the group relished their day picnic with a sweet & cool smile on the face.

In the second week of January, when the sunshine showed adequate heat, many corporate along with some family groups turned up their stance towards the Jungle adventure retreat to enjoy the best activities and services on day picnic near Delhi. A group of teachers from Modern Montessori International (London), Sohna road, Gurgaon and another group from a legal firm, New Delhi gathered at the venue for a team outing in the 2nd week.

Apart from it some family groups also reached the resort with kids and given us the chance to host their one day picnic programme. The children who came with the family group enjoyed the adventure sports and activities, especially zipline, artificial wall climbing and commando net. A family celebrated their child's birthday with us on Jan, 14th and turned the complete atmosphere from picnic to a beautiful birthday party till the evening. 

The beginning of the first day of the third week with hosting a group's evening party those have knocked the venue around 3.00 in evening. All the members were enjoying songs and dance until this news was written. Service staffs of the jar are full of enthusiasm to host many guests on the long weekend at Republic Day this year.

The management team of the JAR is well aware of its product and service, the team will surprise the future visitors with some add-on in the current year even in the hot summer with offering a brand new swimming pool, in which visitors can enjoy the poolside party along with their day picnic program.


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