Guests Stated one of the Best Places to Visit near Gurgaon for Picnic

Corporate and family groups gathered collectively in the Jungle Adventure Retreat on 15th & 17th December. There were 3 different corporate groups belong to the various niches came for the day picnic on Friday, December 15th and on the other hand, an assembled group of different families from Gurgaon itself had reached at the venue to participate in a get together on Sunday, December 17th. After reaching here, almost all the groups have called this place one of the best places to visit near Gurgaon especially for picnicking and to participate in various rope course activities.

The team members of Aristocrat Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. from Noida had entered into the resort premises sharply at 10.00 AM as per their itinerary. It had the largest number of visitors on 15th Dec whereas the 2nd and 3rd group was from Intercontinental Hotels Group India Pvt Ltd., Gurgaon and C&A Sourcing International Ltd. respectively. 

All the corporate and the family guests appreciated the customized design of the package offered by sales and marketing team of Jungle Adventure Retreat. On the service front, they were seen extremely satisfied with the operation's team at the picnic ground. Overall, all the guests from these group described this visit was successful and satisfying in every manner.

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