Corporate Team Outing in Gurgaon for Group Blackberrys

Jungle Adventure Retreat (JAR) has achieved another milestone with hosting a corporate team outing in Gurgaon on February 9th for more than 290 members of Group Blackberrys, officially known as Mohan Clothing Company Private Limited.

Parking for Group Outing in Gurgaon Blackberrys

With the group Blackberrys outing, the maximum use of our outer parking area was made where two passenger coaches along with more than 50 cars were parked. Resort Management had kept a stall at the entry point to make sure the attendance of all the employee. Attendance list had provided by the blackberry prior to the outing program.

Group Outing in Gurgaon for Blackberrys

It was like a challenge to host the corporate team outing in Gurgaon at one of the best picnic spots near Delhi for such a popular brand consisting of more than 250 members. The team JAR adopted a dynamically smart approach to deal with it and did it flawlessly. In the last 6 months, Jar has hosted many corporate clients successfully but according to the group size, this is the largest corporate group so far who had chosen our venue for a day team outing in Gurgaon. Apart from it, Keeping guest's demands in mind, just before the summer season, our management team is going to make the best arrangements for the pool party near Delhi at the resort during the picnic with a new swimming pool.

Group Blackberrys at Corporate Team Outing in Gurgaon

A light menu was kept for the group in morning breakfast including tea, coffee, nimbu pani as welcome drink. The corporate group had divided into three small sub-group that is recognizable with the three different color of jersey consisting of red, yellow, blue and white color. Our instructors started to keep engage all these sub-group into different adventure activities and obstacle course at the same time. It was completely shaped as a competition, which led to curiosity among all the participants.

Winner at Day Team Outing in Gurgaon for Group Blackberrys

The buffet lunch started at 2 o'clock and all the members enjoyed delicious meals, in which many dishes were prepared from the vegetables grown in our organic farm.

Post lunch, the competition continued with various team building and fun games organized for sub-groups by instructors. The event was concluded with the announcement of the winners along with evening snacks around 5.00 PM. The members of this group came from the Blackberrys corporate office, Gurgaon. Whereas the next day, on 10th February, more than 40 members of the same firm reached for team outing in Gurgaon at Jungle Adventure Retreat (JAR) from the plant of Blackberrys located in Manesar.

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    Good to see this story here Shashank. Thanks to Team- Jungle Adventure Retreat for hosting a great day out. It was really full of fun.

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